Sheeting and extrusion manifold

A sheeting and extruding manifold is meant to be directly connected to a continuous stream of mass. This mass could come from a continuous aeration system or from a metering system such for example a pump unit.  The manifold delivers a continuous full width sheet on a belt or a determined number of fixed width strings (multilane). It will be designed in such a way that the width of the receiving belt is optimally used.  Sheeting and extrusion manifold can be retrofitted onto existing production lines.

Application examples



 Features  Benefits
Aluminium or stainles steel construction Light weight
Manual or Servo controlled sheet thickness To customer requirement
Internal water circuit (jacketed) Perfect temperature control
for temp. sensitive product
Stainless steel rotary valves Hygienic
easy cleaning
Options Cleaning attachment for CIP
Plain or multi peak nozzles
Titatnium main body

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depositing pressurized, extrusion


Bakery, Candy & sweets, Chocolate, Dairy

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