Pilot cooking plant

This mini cooking installation is used for product development and smaller productions. This type of installations is used a lot in laboratories of confectionary factories and producers of raw materials. Also companies that have installed larger Vomadiss installations use these pilot plants. This universal cooking system is in high demand, partly because the found parameters can be transferred 1 to 1 to the large production machines. These mini plants are delivered plug & play, in most cases on castors, and suitable for jelly and gum products, It is also possible to built together a combination of different cookers, so that various products can be made, for instance a Jet Cooker steam injection cooker for starch products a Scraped Heat Exchanger for toffee and caramel or special starch products. The machine can also be rented. Capacity: 50-100 kg/hr.


 Features  Benefits
 all built on one frame
  • plug & play installation
  • compact
 customized configuration
  • versatile
 stainless steel construction
  • hygenic
  • easy cleaning
 PLC (optional)
  • storage of recipees
  • process controll

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