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Complete marshmallow line from kitchen to packaging. One of the most sought after set ups is a line to produce twisted cable marshmallow. In this case,  after the aeration of the mass, this marshmallow will be divided over 4 streams,  whereby a separate colour can be injected in each stream. It is possible to center fill such cable with for instance a jam. Another production method is to use a dedicated marshmallow depositor with which a variety of creative marshmallow products can be made.


A complete marshmallow line generally includes:

A) Automatic or manual pre-mix installation:  Sugar, water, glucose, corm starch, sorbitol are dosed as per recipe and mixed.

B) Continuous Cooker, suitable for cooking jelly type of products such as pectin, gelatine, agar agar, starch , or combinations of these.

C) Tempering & buffer vessel(s) : To hold the cooked mass on the right temperatur and from there pump it to the aerator.

D) Aeration mixer:  This is an essential part of the line, where air is whipped into the mass.

C) Colour dosing set:  The number of colours can be customer specific. Normally it goes up to 4 different colours.

D) Extruder OR depositor:  Here we can use either an extruder to make for instance twisted cables, or a special design depositor for deposited marshmallows in different shapes



E) Belt with starch sprinklers: The starch sprinkled onto the belt absorbs moisture from the product and prevents sticking.


F) Guillotine, to cut the marshmallow cables/ strings to the desired length

G) De-starching system: Excess starch needs to be aspirated away from the belt


H) After cooling and de-dusting the marshmallows are be stored for ‘aging’ for approximately 5 to 6 hours in a conditioned room.

I ) From the storage rooms the marshmallows are then processed through a dedusting drum.


J) Then finally delicious marshmallows will be ready for packaging

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