Lentil forming rollers

One set if two centrifuged bronze lentil forming cylinders designed to produce symmetrical and solid chocolate centers, such as lentils, small balls, hearts and similar shapes.On the surface of the cylinders the required centers are precision engraved. Each engraved cavity corresponds with one half of the finished product. The two rollers are precisely positioned and synchronised by means of gears, so that a cavity on one roller always matches up exactly with a cavity on the other roller, so that together the two halves  form a perfect product. The two rollers are counter rotating with the same speed. The chocolate or compound is fed through double jacketed pipe with adjustable nozzles onto the rollers. The circumference of each roller is travelling in a downward direction, forcing the chocolate between them to completely fill the engravings. An automatic valve closes the feed pipe incase the rollers stop.The inside of the cylinders is hollow and contains special forced chilled water or glycol circulation tubes, making sure that there is a uniform low temperature on the bronze surface. Due to this ‘super cooling’ the chocolate instantaneously crystalizes between the cavities. Due to a precisely regulated gap between the two rollers, a carpet (or ‘webbing’) of chocolate is formed holding all formed lentils. The thickness of this webbing  is precisely controlled through mechanical adjustment, so that the lentils can be easily separated from the webbing after cooling. Glycol inlet and outlet of the cylindersare crossed assuring a constant thermal difference along the rollers.

The rollers are assembled with shafts in ball bearings in a closed stainless steel chamber and supported on two stainless steel frames. Dehumidified air can be injected into this box. The lateral flanges of the rollers are built in stainless steel.  The complete group of rollers is assembled on guides to allow for a quick change over. Each roller is equipped with a plastic scraper.

The rollers are driven by gear motor with frequency control to regulate the rotation speed.
The electrical cabinet of the cylinders is integrated in the cabinet of the cooling tunnel.

A complete lentil forming line comprises, a chocolate storage tank(s), depending on the final product a tempering machine, the set of forming cylinders assembled over the conveyor belt at the inlet of the cooling tunnel, a cooling water or glycol supply system, a cooling tunnel and a separating drum. The chocolate from the webbing is reciculated to the chocolate storage and mixing tank. Often, after separation from the webbing, the formed lentils are coated with sugar in coating drums and polished in polishing drums.Then they are ready for packaging.


Features Benefits
Frame in sttainless steel frame, superior part machined steel
  • Easy cleaning
  • Rugged
Electronic protection
  • Rollers stop in case of over stress
Rollers assembled on guides
  • Quick change over
Crossed inlet/outlet of glycol
  • Constant thermal difference along rollers
Lateral flanges of rollers in stainless steel
  • Hygienic
  • Easy cleaning
Polycarbonate covers
  • Operator safety
  • Forming area visible
Tempering machine
Storage/buffer/recircualtion tank
Cooling tunnel
Separation drum
Coating pans
Air dehumidifier for the forming area

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