Pressurized depositing manifold

Pressurized depositing manifold are designed to be directly connected to a continuous aeartion unit or a metering system like a pump unit. Since these are closed systems wherby no hoppers are being used these depositing manifolds are particularly suited for the depositing of delicate masses and light foams. The ‘plain depositing’ version has one mass chamber where system pressure is equallized. Each depositing nozzle on the manifold is controlled by a separate flow control valve. Thus a fine balancing of the pressure all along the manifold can be achieved.





 Features  Benefits
High grade aluminium construction
  • Light weight
  • Strong
Toolless system balancing
  • Easy balancing of system pressure
Internal water circulation system
  • Controlled heating and cooling
Rotary valve sealed in non-metalic polymer
  • High resilience
  • low friction
  • Extra cleaning attachments for in-line cleaning  (CIP)
  • Special alloys protecting against masses with high acidity level
  • rotary valve servo driven or pneumatically operated


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