Continuous blender

The new Trefa blending/mixing machine makes it possible to mix and blend several ingredients on a continuous in-line basis. The unique feature of this machine is that the mixing/blending is done with a minimum of shear and without the risk of blockage or damage to the ingredients or damage to delicate foam cell structure.If connected after a Trefa Continuous Foaming machine this foam or mousse can continuously be blended with another foam/mousse or with solid particles of various sizes like pieces of (dry) fruit, chocolate, nuts, raisins etc. In the specially designed mixing head the ingredients are carefully blended without the risk of damaging the ingredients or delicate foam structure, resulting in a very stabile and homogenous end-product. During this process the mixing head can be cooled or heated if needed. This machine can be equipped with an injection unit for flavour and/or colour injection. Of course this machine is designed and manufactured with hygienic use in mind, therefore it is entirely made out of Stainless Steel and can be cleaned in-line or be connected to a Cleaning In Place (CIP) system.



 Features  Benefits
Special design mixing head
  • low shear
  • no damage to delicate foam structures
  • no damage to ingredients
Stainless steel execution
  • hygiene
  • easy to clean
Jacketed mixing head
  • temperature control


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Bakery, Chocolate, Dairy

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