Continuous aerator

The Trefa Continuous Aerating Machine is a closed production system integrating the latest technological developments in the field of aeration. The heart of the machine is a highly efficient mixing head consisting of a rotor and a stator. Trefa continuous mixers provide homogenous mixing resulting in consistent final densities. Trefa continuous mixers are entirely constructed from stainless steel and have been designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They can be connected to a Cleaning In Place (CIP) system or they can be equipped with their own cleaning pump. With the use of modern technology full density control is guaranteed. The design of the aerating head ensures there will be absolutely no contact between the product and the cooling/heating medium. Product change-over times are minimal and manual adjustment of the mixer is virtually eliminated. Recipes may be stored in the systems memory with your process line settings. Trefa mixers/foamers are upgradeable and it is easy to incorporate the latest (PLC) technology into  older style Trefa machine. The machines can be executed for manual, automatic or computer control and have digital readouts of all machine functions.  Optionally additives like colours, flavours and fruitpulps can be injected in the product. The noise level of the Trefa aerators is less than 60 dBA which is well within the range as indicated in the VDI 2159 guidelines. Results from the available laboratory size mixers are fully scalable.


A test machine is available at soft conditions.


 Features  Benefits
Closed system
  • high degree of sanitation
Stainless steel construction
  • Hygienic
Separate jacketed cooling sections on mixing head
  • optimal temperature control
Unique premix chamber
  • Lower RPM
  • Less friction heat
  • No damage to proteins in products
  • More homogenous end product
  • Better taste
Integral frequency converters
  • rotor speed control
  • pump speed control
Modular design
  • easy to upgrade
  • easy to integrate in existing lines

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aeration, mixing


Bakery, Chocolate, Dairy

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