Colour and acid dosing station

The Vomados dosing system injects colours, flavours and acid INLINE. This system can be made in different executions. The most simple is a Vomados 1+1+1, for 1 colour, 1 flavour and 1 acid injection. However, the capacity can be fully tuned to the capacity of the kitchen, the customer’s recipees and the number of colours and flavours needed. A frequently delivered execution for example is the Vomados 6+6+1 flow. This means that the main stream is divided in 6 streams (flows) in which 6 colours, 6 flavours and 1 acid are being injected. Always two colour pumps are coupled and have one common frequency controlled drive. The same applies for the flavour pumps. De pump heads are driven by frequency controlled electromotors. The pump capacities are set my means of a turning button with micrometer readout. The drive is controlled with the aid of and electrical flow meter that measures the sugar flow and sends this information to the frequency control. The acid injection pump has its own frequency controlled drive and an own flow meter in the main stream. A flow detection system guards over the proper functioning of the acid and flavour pumps. The injected liquids are homogenised (thoroughly mixed) by means of static mixers. The injection system can be cleaned easily with warm water. Drain points in the pipe system ensure minimal losses of the expensive additives.



 Features  Benefits
 one unit on skid
  • easy to integrate
 electrical flow meters
  • dosing control
 flow detection system
  • alarm function
  • ensures proper functioning of acid and
    flavour pumps
 static mixers
  • homogenization
  • easy cleaning
Drain points in pipe system
  • min. loss of ingredients

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