Coating pan KC

KC pan coater is mounted in a housing and is throughout perforated. The air is led directly through the product bed due to an air connection sealed to the pan. Co-current and inverse flow are both possible for the direction of the drying air stream. The whole pan can be swiveled 180° so that filling and emptying can easily be automated, e.g. with conveyors. During the coating process the pan can be swiveled continuously or discontinuously for a better mixing of the batch. Additional baffles are not necessary. As the drying air is led directly through the batch the drying of the product is optimized. Drying time and thus production time is dramatically reduced. The air is conditioned in an Air Conditioning System (LAA) which consists of the required filters, fans, and a heater. According to our customers’ needs a cooling or dehumidifying device can additionally be integrated. The Pan Coater KC is mainly used in the confectionary and pharmaceutical industry. It can as well be used in the chemical industry, e.g. to coat catalysts. Also granules such as tea can be dried with this Pan Coater. Production or laboratory – there are hardly limits for its versatile applications. Capacity range from 7 – 700 Litres.


 Features  Benefits
Perforated housing
  • optimal drying
  • process control
180° swiveling
  • easy filling and emptying
  • better mixing
 Stainless steel 1.4301
  • hygenic
 Frequency controlled drive with
speed indication
  • speed control





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