Coating pan ADS

Tpe ADS coating machine is a development by Friedhelm Stechel.  The pan swivels within a U-shaped frame, so that the angle of the pan can be changed. Filling and emptying of existing coating machines can be automated as they can be mounted into that special frame. One of the remarkable features of this design is that the total width of the coater is not larger than the pan itself. Thus making the ADS a space saving unit. Of course, this coating machine can be equipped with hoods for the guidance of supply and exhaust air and connections for a spraying system. Capacity: as per customer requirement.


 Features  Benefits
U-shaped frame
  • large range of pan angles
  • easier automation
Stainless steel 1.4301
  • hygenic
  • rugged construction
  • benefit 3
Frequency controlled drive
  • speed control
Digital speed indicator
  • process control


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