Coating drum

The Vomacoat sugaring drum applies a fine crystal sugar coating to jellies and gums. Via the steaming belt de-powdered products are fed to the steam compartment where they are made sticky by exposing them to dry steam. Then, the products are introduced into the sugaring drum.  The transport groove inside the drum moves the product and the crystal sugar through the drum. At the discharge end the double walled drum has a perforated zone. Here the product and the excess sugar are separated. The excess sugar is mixed wiith fresh sugar and- while being dried-  is transported back to the  sugar dispensing area via a spiral construction between the inner and outer drum. The sugar-coated product leaves the drum. This installation is equipped with a steam heated hot air dryer to remove the humidity. The drum can rotate left- and right way. This is necessary to remove the sugar from the drum while cleaning. The rotation speed of the drum is frequency controlled. These machines have a hygienic design and are constructed entirely from stainless steel. Capacity range from 1.000 to 5.000 kg/hr.




 Features  Benefits
 Product infeed belt inserts
into the drum
  • direct exposure to sugar mist
 Superb welding technology
  • sanitary execution
  • no hair tears in the steel
  • easy cleaning and flushing
 Warm air and heating spiral
  • efficient drying of the sugar mix
 Transport wedges
  • delicate product handling
Warm air & fresh sugar mixing
  • longer sugar standing time
  • whole and constant sugar curtain
Wheel tread ring
  • No drum deformation
Wheel centering ring
  • smooth drum rotation
Heavy duty construction
  • low maintenance





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