Chocolate pump

Slowly running mass pumps with 4 pushers suitable for the transfer of chocolate, cocoa mass, cocoa butter end other fat masses.
Capacity range – from 300 kg/hr up to 20.000 kg/hr with elevations up to 20 meters and horizontal pipe lengths of 100 meters.
Also 2 and 3 way valves are available.


Type P1 Type P2 Type P3 Type P4
Up to 1.000 kg/hr Up to 2.500 kg/hr Up to 5.000 kg/hr Up to 20.000 kg/hr
Capacity indications are based on pipe length of 10-20 meters


Features Benefits
Slow-running pumps with 4 pushers
  • Protection of chocolate structure
Rugged construction and strong drive
  • Elevations of 20 meters
  • horizontal pipe lengths of 100 meter
  • Proven in many situations
Equipped with an IE3-motor.
  • Efficient and powerful


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mass transfer


Chocolate, Cocoa processing

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