Polycarbonate chocolate moulds


Vormenfabriek’s polycarbonate injection mouds are produced by multiple injection systems to ensure that the moulds are made with the minimum level of internal stress. The moulds are manufactured by injection moulding using a bank of modern computer controlled presses, with clamping forces ranging between 800 – 2500 tons. All moulds are manufactured from a 100 % virgin FDA approved polycarbonate and guarantee excellent demoulding and high-gloss finish to the chocolate product. The range of Vormenfabriek Tilburg comprises single and double moulds, cold stamp and skeletonized moulds, book and double moulds, demoulding plaques, transport frames and special starch trays. In total there are more than 625 standard mould dimensions and constructions available. In addition Vormenfabriek Tilburg can execute the moulds with retractable centering pins, detection pins, laser engraving, ultrasonically welded magnets, 12 standard colours and RFID chip. The injection moulds are available in sizes ranging from 275 x 135 mm up to a length of 2000 mm.



STANDARD POLYCARBONATE  (industry standard);  Equivalent Covestro Makrolon 2856, Lexan 164R , Idemitsu IR2200)

VOFALON®  (Impact modified Polycarbonate, with extended lifespan and higher impact strength

EXL (Co-polymer of polycarbonate and siloxane, for even better demoulding, improved chemical resistance and less internal stress


 General features  Benefits
Minimum internal material stress
  • Less cracking risk
  • High resistance
  • Long life
High tech tool construction
  • accurate mould cavities
  • High gloss finish of moulded product
Food grade material
  • Food safety
  • FDA approved


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