New Smoothing Station for hollow figure wrappers

The Rasch special wrapping machine types FI 4-6 stand for a high quality and tailormade wrapping of delicate chocolate hollow figures, either in figure foiling, heat-sealing or seal-fold.

As an Add On Module to these machines we now offer a new figure smoothing station which takes products from the machine’s conveyor, gives an additional smoothing to them and thus delivers an even better wrapping result. This device can be integrated into all Rasch FI 4-6 machines. For integration, machines need to be equipped with a Siemens S7 control. For machines which are equipped with an older program version, an upgrade is mandatory.

What is your benefit? Foil wrap is tighter, the wrapping result is improved. Manual smoothing becomes unnecessary. According to our calculations the pay back on the investment is within one to two years based on a three-shift-operation.

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