Extrufood is an expert with over 25 years of experience in the field of extrusion technology for the confectionery, petfood and plastics industry.

about Extrufood

Extrufood has been the expert in extrusion and co-extrusion technology for the confectionery industry for over 25 years. The company can deliver complete production lines, peripheral equipment and tailor made components, such as cooking-, mixing- and forming extruders, Diemixes®, rotary- and fixed dies, cooling tunnels, sugar sanders and cutters. Also Extrufood has an excellent reputation as manufacturer of (co-)extrusion technology for the pet snack & treat industry. Extrufood production lines and its components enable production of confectionery with a unique amount of colors, flavors and shapes.

Together with her sister company Extruplast, who specializes in extrusion technology for the plastics industry, the two firms are part of Extrugroup.

Extrugroup also operates an R&D and testing center (Extrucenter) that offers you fully equipped facilities, to mix & blend ingredients, pre-heat them and finally extrude them. Different colors and or flavors can be added before or during extrusion depending on your recipe. Skilled staff of extrusion and confectionery engineers ith hands-on experience will be at your disposal.

scope of supply

  • Cooking, mixing end forming extruders
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Cutters
  • Sugar sanders
  • Laboratory extruders


Company name Extrufood BV
Company Domicile Zwaag, the Netherlands
Production location Zwaag, the Netherlands
Years of experience 40+
Number of employees  15
Installed base 200+
Annual sales volume in Mln. Euro  7-10
Export ratio  70%
Member of a group  Extrugroup

unique selling points

  • Technology expert
  • Supplying complete productin lines
  • Customized solutions
  • Endless combinations of colours, flavours and shapes
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